The role of mothers in educating children

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No one doubts the importance of the role of mothers in the education of their children, affection and attention from a mother has a great influence on the child's personality. Attention and affection that will endear itself accepted in the children and raise confidence in their growth period.

So great is the role of a mother in educating her children, then it can not be denied that the mother was the first school. An RA Kartini had to admit it, expressed through a letter to Prof.. Anton and his wife: "We are here pleading sought instruction and education of girls, not at all times because we wanted the girls into male rivals in the struggle for his life. But because we believe will influence huge for women, so women are more competent to perform his duties, obligations submitted his own nature into his hand: a mother, educator of the first humans. [Letter to Prof. Kartini. Anton and Mrs, October 4, 1902].

The process of education provided by a mother has been made since the baby still in the womb. What mother can hear it or read to the baby in the womb, then it will be heard also by the baby. Emotional and character of a mother can be transmitted through the behavior of a mother during pregnancy and parenting. In one study, for a mother who always has the feeling of wanting to contain the angry even then the child will someday grow up to have heart disease.

Education can be provided with eye contact that occurs between mother and child. At any time, wherever and whenever this education process can be done. A mother has a big responsibility in creating a young generation of creative, innovative, prestatif, educative and productive. It is a dream come true if it is not painted by the gentle hands of a mother. And to make it happen, nothing but the woman sholihah a knowledgeable, intelligent and devoted to do so. The great scholar said, that women (especially mothers) to be good or poor barometer of a society. Damage to the morality of women is an interconnected chain with juvenile delinquency, the fragility of family and community damage.

If a mother can understand and want to carry out duties and responsibilities in educating and encouraging children well, with all the guidance and example in children. God willing, will be born a pious generation, superior and qualified, able to be responsible for themselves and later life.

But in reality many mothers who can not carry out duties and responsibilities well. There may be some who are too busy with her career until sometimes like handing the greatest responsibility in the education of the school or children who spend more time with a caregiver who may be "less qualified". Or maybe there is a feeling to give up and despair in educating children for lack of knowledge so confused do not understand what to do.

If this condition persists then the educational and mental development of children who get less good care of a mother will be neglected so that the personality of the child is either not reached. Usually the child's behavior became worse in both the family and society and if you have this completely wrong of course not the child.

The number of suicide cases due to parental violence on children, indicating that the children feel safe and comfortable in his family environment, as this is certainly not a situation conducive to providing good education for children because their parents could not even be a role model good for them.

So the first thing that must be created by the family, especially by a mother is to create conditions conducive to the constraints in educating children, directing them to the teachings of religion, creating a pious personality would be easier, because there is mutual trust and a strong bond of affection between Mother and child, from all the family.

Therefore, let us together to immediately begin educating children in a good way, in earnest and full of patience. If not then it will be a parent (mother) the greatest losers, the mother who is waiting for the arrival time of a barrage of difficulties. Since having children may be rebellious and often detrimental to many parties, either themselves, parents are also others.

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