How to become a good wife

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How to Become a Good Wife - Surely all women who want to get married looking for tips on how to do that they may be a good wife for their future husbands. However, not only for women who want to get married, these tips also apply for women already become a wife, loh. Every woman's got a right to make changes to them, especially if the change is positive. Bener not? Okay, deh, do dilama-lamain well. Here we give you tips for women to become a good wife for a husband.

1. Love've Definitely dong yah? If not for love, is it possible ga we begin a relationship. However, no doubt there are also some women who do not because of love. Immediately change!Love has to be there for runs lasting relationship. Love will lead to positive things like loyalty, mutual respect and appreciate.
2. SincereIf you are sincere, then you aim to be a good wife would be achieved with ease. Because sincerity will make you do anything fun with each other without expecting anything in return apaun. And every thing you do is based on a sincere love for your husband would be greatly appreciated by him. Want dong appreciated her husband?
3.Memiliki roleAlthough the wedding took place because of the commitment between two people that you and your husband, but do not need to do all these things together. Remember, you each have a role that should you run. The role here is not only a career in the field, ie if the husband has a great career as a wife then you should too. Instead, your role as a good mother would be very loved by her husband. How to educate your children. Of course the husband would be very proud if your child's achievement and achievement of children depends a lot from the way you teach the children. Your role more in child care.
4. EmpathizeIn a marriage must sooner or later would be trouble between you and your husband. You two are imperfect humans. There will not you find something you like from the husband. For that, mentally prepare if one day you experience it. You need to empathize. Not only did you feel that you should pay attention, but also feelings of a husband. With the empathy, you will be able to understand each other so that any problems can be faced, even marriage will continue.
5. ListenDoes seem a trivial thing. However, it is certain that most of the damage domestic as well as tensions between husband and wife due to lack of communication. The husband also needs attention from the wife to be heard complained kesahnya. You need to know that their husbands could also feel lonely, so you need to take time to hear what is in the hearts of true husband.  
6. Make the husband as the 'back'When you experience a difficulty and may you have a complaint, tell your husband first.Make him as the rest of your life. The husband will feel very happy when he knows that you need it.
7. GentleIt's essentially for women to always be gentle, is not only to the husband alone. Be gentle to her husband, show respect. And do not ever ridicule or disparage him at any moment, even when he does not fit with what you expect. Your attitude will make you very dear to him.
8. ShareSharing is not only meaningful material, but also in terms of role, time, feelings. All that you can for him. Because, when you're married, No more me or her term, but "we"!
9. Be yourselfHowever, you also need to be yourself. Do not ever wear a mask, pretending to be let alone lying to her husband. You do not need to be someone else to be loved by her husband. Yourself you are the best for him. Being a good wife does not mean you remove your original character for the sake of being what you think he wants.

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